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Guirado Art – Sanctum Soho Hotel

Rehashing 2012 and What Our Customers Gave Us

Sitting comfortably in the office right next to the radiator and browsing through images forwarded by our lovely customers along with some feedback we’re rendered speechless. For the short period of time we’ve been working (will be 1 year this April) we’ve come a long way. What we’ve learned so far has been just the tip of the iceberg and we’re confidently working our way down to improve what needs to be improved, to find different ways of providing 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and to offer collections and opportunities tailored to you.

We also have a big surprise coming up soon that will be a game changer and will see us growing stronger and stronger. We’re all really excited and promise you’ll be the first to know when it’s all been finalised!

Until then we’d like to share what we’ve seen and learnt over the past few months. We started small with just a few carefully selected collections to add a few more as we went along. What makes us unique is the variety and quality if designs on the website and the personal touch our artists leave on the site. Our newest additions to our collaborators list are Yoni Alter, Karen Perry, Damian Smith and Sky Nash.

Colossal by Damian Smith

Colossal by Damian Smith

Little Monkeys Playhouse by Karen Perry

Little Monkeys Playhouse by Karen Perry

Colossal NYC by Yoni Alter

Colossal NYC by Yoni Alter

Pizza by Sky Nash

Pizza by Sky Nash

We’re eager to continue expanding our contributors list so if you are an artist or you know someone artistic don’t hesitate to showcase your talent by sending us your designs and details on the following e-mail and we’ll be in touch:

This is not all though. We’ve printed so many murals but there are some that just stick out and we’ve taken the liberty (as well as asked for permission) to spread them out and inspire others as well.

The lovely Philippa Bennett commemorated the Paralympic Games with a stunning shot of the arena that she took herself. She then decorated her son’s room with the special mural and shared the experience with us. We’re thrilled to see how creative our customers are and how they use our products as artistic displays rather than just an easy-come-easy-go wallpaper that tears quickly and fades in just a few days.

2012 Paralympic Games

2012 Paralympic Games courtesy from Philippa Bennett

We’ve also had the pleasure of printing murals for FEAST Magazine and for the lovely Jen Standbrook who wrote a really flattering review accompanied by an installation tutorial video. If you didn’t believe us before how easy it was to install our products and how stunning they are then Jen will surely convince you.

For all those that missed Jen’s article just follow the link here:

Kate Bush for FEAST Magazine

Kate Bush for FEAST Magazine

Coloured Circles

Coloured Circles for LoveChicLiving

And just when you think you’ve seen it all here is a creative LED light show with our Rusty Autumn design. Now, now who wouldn’t want one of these?

Rusty Autumn with LED Lights

Rusty Autumn with LED Lights

If there is anything else you’d like to see on our website don’t hesitate to get in touch until then we’ll carry on doing what we do best – grow!

Choosing the Right Design for Your Wall

If you have finally decided to take the plunge and redecorate your home or office with a fresh new mural or wallpaper design then we suggest you continue reading.

What you need to keep in mind is that you are happy with the design you choose. Getting stuck with a loud and overly crowded image on your walls for years to come may have seemed like a good idea to begin with but can end up having the opposite effect. Murals and wallpapers are a far greater commitment than just re-painting the walls when you get tired of them.

Don’t get us wrong, selecting the design that you like and that fits the atmosphere in the room is half the fun.  Yet, there are a lot of things to consider: from the height and shape of the walls to the furniture, the colour scheme in the room, the accessories and most importantly the message you want to convey. Playing with ideas and experimenting is always recommended but the bottom line is to make it look pleasing to the eye.

The three main things to consider are: size of the wall, number of walls you want to wallpaper, the overall effect that you want to create. As simple as 1, 2, 3!


Depending on the effect you’d like to achieve with the mural it’s important to keep in mind what are the dimensions of the wall. Dark or bright multicolored designs can overpower small to medium sized rooms while stripes and pastel colours will broaden them. Dark designs, nonetheless, give off a striking and sophisticated finish to any interior when applied to one wall and coupled with lighter, more toned down colours on all the rest. The design we’ve featured here is called ‘Demure


If your walls are irregular we’d strongly recommend avoiding stripes and geometric shapes unless you’re going for the quirky look or would like to point out  what is lacking in the architecture of your interior. Another point to keep in mind is the condition of the wall. If it is old and bumpy re-palstering it or applying lining paper followed by a thick coating of paint should be in order.

The design featured is called ‘Spacetopia‘ from the Jelly collection


Number of walls to be covered

You’ve got the option of choosing between covering one feature wall, several or all walls and, surprisingly enough for some, covering your ceiling!

A design placed over a feature wall is there to accentuate the focal point in the room and needs to be well thought out. You can make it special and personal using an image of your own that speaks to you, like this one of ‘Lillie‘, and then placing it over the feature wall.


If you are going for the ‘all out’ option and decide to wallpaper all four walls, settle on a patterned design or a toned down design as far as it comes to colours. Incorporating wallpapers or murals on your walls is a long term commitment so make sure you are happy with them.

What do you think of the ‘Starring Grey‘ design exhibited bellow?

Starring Grey

Putting a wallpaper on your ceiling is a great way to make large interiors look more cosy. For some reason, though, wallpapering the ceiling isn’t very popular but is definitely a great way of jazzing up any space.

The Wall’ Effect in short

With one swift change of the wallpaper you can complement the atmosphere in your home or change it altogether. You can make a bold statement with a bold design that will grab everyone’s attention. A dark pattern carefully placed on a feature wall will give you the desired dramatic look and feel. Soft pale colours, on the other hand, will bring a certain romantic vibe that coupled with the right interior accessories will leave you lingering for more. Bold shapes and textured finishes, like metallics, will give you that contemporary look and feel and add a modern twist to your boring empty walls.

Featured is the ‘Redheads‘ design from the Aurora collection


Whatever design you go for make sure it is the right one! When in doubt get a test print or a sample. Once you’ve installed you wallpaper or mural share it with everyone to see as great designs and ideas are worth bragging about!

Sporting heroes

We’re all feeling inspired by the sporting achievements happening right in our home town at the London 2012 Olympics.

Why not create a feature wall in your home, office or gym with these feature wallpapers.

Here are our selection of wall designs featuring sporting heroes or simply very fit people!

View the full range of sports images here 

Muhammad Ali

Dodge a jab from the boxing legend Muhammad Ali

Cycle Down

Take a leap of faith with this daring cyclist image

Ball Park

Set the scene to smash it out of the ball park with this baseball print


Imagine you’re running along a deserted beach like this runner, not cheek to cheek on the treadmill

Inspired?  View our full range of sport designs and get creating your feature wall!

Trompe l’oeil Decor

Our Textures Collection features a range of modern trompe l’oeil wallpapers, to explain, trompe l’oeil is an artistic technique which literally translates from French as “fools the eye”.  Hard to paint, the trompe l’oeil piece requires meticulous attention to detail from the artist, taking into account the perspective, sizing, nuance of light and gradation of color in order to make the two-dimensional work appear to be three-dimensional.

Now you don’t have to be Leonardo Da Vinci or even Rolf Harris to create this effect in your home!  With trompe l’oeil design wallpapers you can create surprising effects and illusions in your home using our murals, creating depth, a focal point for your room or a window to a different world.

Here are some examples to inspire you, the only limit is your imagination!

Create a metallic wall effect

Replicate a stone wall 

Brick Effect Wall Garden

Wooden panelling