A Closer Look at the JW Walls Impressionism Collection

JW Walls has a stunning selection of wall murals devoted to the great works of the impressionist painters of the late 19th Century/ early 20th century. In this post we will be studying some of these influential artists and discussing how you can incorporate these stunning paintings as large-scale wall murals for your home or office.

What is Impressionism?

Impressionism started in Paris in the mid 1800’s and was one of the first modern art movements. Impressionism was at first widely criticised by France’s conventional art community, however by the 20th century impressionism had become one of the most recognised and well-loved movements in art history.

Many impressionist paintings seem to capture fleeting moments in time, rather like a photograph. Other characteristics of the style include visible brushstrokes, every day subject matters, like outdoor scenes, the feeling of movement (often emphasised by the depiction of light), unusual visual angles and open composition. Prior to this modern art movement, paintings followed very strict academic rules for composition and subjects. The impressionist style therefore, concentrated on how the eye skims over scenes in everyday life, picking out key colours and moods (or impressions) of what is actually in front of you.

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande by Georges Seurat

One of the most famous impressionist works featured in our wall coverings collection is Georges Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande. Seurat spent over two years creating this painting using a painting technique called pointillism. The original canvas was 2 metres by 3 meters in size and made up of tiny dots of paint, which created the optical illusion of shading and form when unified. Therefore, this beautiful painting looks even more spectacular as a large-scale art mural for your walls – where the detailed brushstrokes can be admired close up and as an overall print nearly the work’s original size.

Walchensee Paintings by Lovis Corinth

The German impressionist painter, Lovis Corinth, was inspired by the breath-taking landscapes that surrounded his home in the early 20th Century. In 1911 the artist suffered a stroke, which left him partially paralyzed on the left side of his body. However, his disability inspired him to take an interest in the intimate scenes of daily life, which he created with vitality and power. Our impressionist collection features several of his Walchensee landscapes, which is a lake in the Bavarian Alps. His style is lively and includes many bright colours and bold brushstrokes which makes his work a vibrant addition to any interior design scheme

Decorating with Art

Selecting one of these timeless and powerful paintings as a large-scale wall mural for your interiors is an exciting process and will be a source of enjoyment for you for years to come. However, consider the following to ensure that these ‘moments in time’ make a big enough impact on your walls.

  • Pick out a couple of the boldest colours in the work and try to carry these shades into the rest of your interiors. This will make the piece feel more like a part of the room.
  • Choose a wall that can serve as a focal point for the rest of the room, this will ensure that these large-scale prints attract your attention.
  • Do not clutter the rest of the wall with shelves, furniture and technology – give your painting space to breathe. If you must include some things on your feature wall (flat screen television, for example) then try to include these things in the negative spaces of the work. For instance, don’t put your television in the middle of the subject of the painting’s face.
  • Make sure that the mural gets a lot of natural light, by ensuring that it is hung in view of a window and that your window treatments let the maximum amount of light into the room. This will show off the work to its best advantage.
  • Neutral carpets and clean lines in furnishings will ensure that nothing distracts from your wall coverings.
  • For more advice on how to measure your feature wall for a large-scale mural, check out our measuring guide here.

If you have comments on the impressionist works in our new collection, or tips on how you can make these classic paintings work in modern interiors, then please share your ideas in comments below.

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