Canvas Print Pencil Ends



We do not just print on wallpaper, this is a canvas print we produced for a customer for christmas 2015, this is something different and you could take this with you anywhere so is a good idea, the image came of our website but you can always have an image of your own.

Guirado Art – Sanctum Soho Hotel

Collages…. The New Trend

Collages are looking to be the new trend, we have lots of customers asking for these to be created from images they have, from family time to holidays to just having fun! we designed and created the artwork with the customers photos and printed these for a customers lavatory

As quoted by the customer ‘the guests spend a lot more time in here’, we think its a great idea to put together and share your memories with everyone that pays a visit! (excuse the pun).

 If you have some images that you would like us to put together and put up at home or maybe office, get in touch we are more than happy to help!

Lego Mural with a difference!

Our customer purchased a Lego Mural which he used for various walls in his sons room, after a house fire they lost most of his Lego so created this idea for his room and as quoted ‘you rushed this in to your schedule to ensure they could have this on time to create this amazing room. We will never go back to stock wallpaper again!

We think this is an amazing idea and heart warming too and we are very happy to have been apart of this project, and knowing a little boy is smiling everyday and the envy of his friends.

Icons & Celebrities

Icons & Celebs, we all have our favourite ones that we look up to maybe aspire to. Are you looking for your favourite idol to go on a wall at home or in the office, we think these are a great idea.

These murals were printed by us at JW Walls and installed by the customer, we can do installation too.

JW Walls School Murals

We recently printed  2 murals for a school in Gloucester, these were printed on the JW Easystick and they have turned out amazing, the customer provided the images  and we think they are fantastic and fit within the school.

We can print pretty much anything provided the file is the right, are you looking for an idea or have an idea then get in contact with us we have designers that can create your art for you and work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want.


Laurence Llewelyn – Bowen Wall Art for Mexico

Here is a great mural we printed on foil for Mr Llewelyn -Bowen, which was installed in the new UK Business Centre opened in Mexico..

A Closer Look at the JW Walls Impressionism Collection

JW Walls has a stunning selection of wall murals devoted to the great works of the impressionist painters of the late 19th Century/ early 20th century. In this post we will be studying some of these influential artists and discussing how you can incorporate these stunning paintings as large-scale wall murals for your home or office.

What is Impressionism?

Impressionism started in Paris in the mid 1800’s and was one of the first modern art movements. Impressionism was at first widely criticised by France’s conventional art community, however by the 20th century impressionism had become one of the most recognised and well-loved movements in art history.

Many impressionist paintings seem to capture fleeting moments in time, rather like a photograph. Other characteristics of the style include visible brushstrokes, every day subject matters, like outdoor scenes, the feeling of movement (often emphasised by the depiction of light), unusual visual angles and open composition. Prior to this modern art movement, paintings followed very strict academic rules for composition and subjects. The impressionist style therefore, concentrated on how the eye skims over scenes in everyday life, picking out key colours and moods (or impressions) of what is actually in front of you.

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande by Georges Seurat

One of the most famous impressionist works featured in our wall coverings collection is Georges Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande. Seurat spent over two years creating this painting using a painting technique called pointillism. The original canvas was 2 metres by 3 meters in size and made up of tiny dots of paint, which created the optical illusion of shading and form when unified. Therefore, this beautiful painting looks even more spectacular as a large-scale art mural for your walls – where the detailed brushstrokes can be admired close up and as an overall print nearly the work’s original size.

Walchensee Paintings by Lovis Corinth

The German impressionist painter, Lovis Corinth, was inspired by the breath-taking landscapes that surrounded his home in the early 20th Century. In 1911 the artist suffered a stroke, which left him partially paralyzed on the left side of his body. However, his disability inspired him to take an interest in the intimate scenes of daily life, which he created with vitality and power. Our impressionist collection features several of his Walchensee landscapes, which is a lake in the Bavarian Alps. His style is lively and includes many bright colours and bold brushstrokes which makes his work a vibrant addition to any interior design scheme

Decorating with Art

Selecting one of these timeless and powerful paintings as a large-scale wall mural for your interiors is an exciting process and will be a source of enjoyment for you for years to come. However, consider the following to ensure that these ‘moments in time’ make a big enough impact on your walls.

  • Pick out a couple of the boldest colours in the work and try to carry these shades into the rest of your interiors. This will make the piece feel more like a part of the room.
  • Choose a wall that can serve as a focal point for the rest of the room, this will ensure that these large-scale prints attract your attention.
  • Do not clutter the rest of the wall with shelves, furniture and technology – give your painting space to breathe. If you must include some things on your feature wall (flat screen television, for example) then try to include these things in the negative spaces of the work. For instance, don’t put your television in the middle of the subject of the painting’s face.
  • Make sure that the mural gets a lot of natural light, by ensuring that it is hung in view of a window and that your window treatments let the maximum amount of light into the room. This will show off the work to its best advantage.
  • Neutral carpets and clean lines in furnishings will ensure that nothing distracts from your wall coverings.
  • For more advice on how to measure your feature wall for a large-scale mural, check out our measuring guide here.

If you have comments on the impressionist works in our new collection, or tips on how you can make these classic paintings work in modern interiors, then please share your ideas in comments below.

A Closer Look at the JW Walls Abstract and Cubism Collection

JW Walls’ Abstract and Cubism art collection features works from some of the greatest cubist painters of the early 20th century. This blog post will take a closer look at some of these paintings and offer advice on how you can incorporate some of these lively and intriguing images as large-scale art murals for your interior design scheme.

What is Cubism?

Cubism was a revolutionary style of modern art developed by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braques at the beginning of the 20th century. It started as a response to the many technological advancements of the era such as the telephone. Cubist artists set out to challenge the conventional way we look at objects, ignoring the traditions of perspective drawing and instead showing you the many different views of a subject simultaneously.

Characteristics of the movement therefore include geometric angles, lines, shapes and a flattened, two-dimensional perspective (referring to ‘analytical cubism’ which pre-dates 1912). In later cubist works, collage was featured (known as ‘synthetic cubism’) where things like actual sheet music was included in the image, rather than just represented in drawing.

Head of Germaine Raynal by Juan Gris 

Juan Gris was a Spanish painter who began to paint in the analytical cubist style around 1911. To create this image of the head of Germaine Raynal, Gris firstly studied her features from many different angles. He then pieced together the many fragments from the different vantage points and combined them into one image, in an attempt to break past the barriers of space and time. Gris also created works in the dynamic, synthetic cubist style and was a fan of bright and harmonious colours.

Fighting Forms by Franz Marc 

Franz Marc was a German painter and print maker who was fond of portraying animals in their natural environments in the cubist style of painting. His work is recognisable for its strong use of primary colours which he used to show a profound sense of emotion. He also attributed emotional meaning to the colours he used in his works, for instance, blue represented masculinity and spirituality, yellow represented feminine energy and joy and red was used to depict violence and conflict, as we can glean from the sweeping red strokes of his Fighting Forms piece pictured below.

Decorating with Art

Choosing one of these striking and classic paintings to use as a wall mural for your interior design scheme is an exciting undertaking and one that I’m sure you will be very happy with for years to come. However, to ensure that your master works is shown to its maximum potential, there are a few things you should take notice of when decorating with art.

  • Consider carefully a few of the key colours used in the piece and try to echo these shades with your furniture and soft furnishings in the rest of the room. However, by no means do your sofa covers have to exactly match the features of the painting, but they should at least complement the hues used in the piece, in order to tie the look of the room together.
  • To ensure that your wall mural gets the attention it deserves, place it on a feature wall i.e. a wall in your room which gets a lot of natural light from the windows and a place where furniture can be conveniently angled to view the image.
  • With large-scale images on walls it is a good idea to keep the rest of the room fairly neutral and uncluttered, to ensure that it does not end looking too ‘busy,’ distracting attention away from your beautiful wall covering.
  • Be mindful of where you place furniture along your feature wall. Try to avoid sticking items like shelves and flat screen televisions right in the middle of the composition. If you must include these items on the wall, ensure that they are placed in the negative space of the image, to make it feel more like a part of the room.
  • Glass or plexi furniture can work very well next to large scale wall murals, as their transparency can make the look of the room feel more dedicated to the great works you are displaying on your walls.
  • For more guidance on measuring your chosen wall for a large scale print, check out our useful measuring guide here.

If you have any thoughts or comments on the Abstract and Cubist works in the JW Walls wallpaper collections and how to make them work in a modern interior design scheme, do share with us your ideas in comments below.


Get the Look: Interior Design Trends 2014

If your walls are looking a bit tired and drab, why not bring them to life with one of JW Walls’ fabulous wallpapers? We have designs that can bring your house or place of work right up-to-date with the latest in interior design trends for 2014. Take a look for yourself, we have rounded up six of our favourite looks and gathered tips on how you can recreate the trends yourself.

Blue on Blue

Blue is everywhere for 2014 and it is of course a long-standing favourite amongst decorators for its versatility and calming effect on the eye. Bright turquoise hues are in abundance in editorial spreads and even darker, inky blue shades can create a dramatic and stately-looking backdrop for a dining room or formal entertaining space.

Blue is also stunning against white, leading us nicely into Scandinavian style – another huge interior design trend for this year. Why not combine the two looks and go for a Scandinavian blue and white living room, where you and your family can retire on comfy sofas of an evening? This large scale photo mural print by Victor Pasmore, as part of our Tate Modern Art collection, should set the tone beautifully. The print features a fantastic cobalt blue motif, which is enough to get the punchy shade into your interior design scheme in a timeless and subtle way.

Wood on Walls 

In the past, when people heard the words, ‘wood panelling,’ they immediately thought 1970’s ‘rec room,’ complete with avocado-coloured sofas and brown cushions – dark, overpowering and so very, very dated. But nowadays these associations are set to change, as the ‘wood on walls look’ is making a huge comeback this year and this time around, it’s not centred on uniformly placed panels coated in thick varnish. For 2014, the wood on walls look has been given a contemporary twist. The panels are mismatched and made up of reclaimed materials, in a nod to the current upcycling trend that became popularised a few years ago.

At JW Walls we have range of these warm, industrial-inspired wallpapers that come in a range of different timber effects, including bamboo, log piles and even soft, grey driftwood designs.

Go Tribal

Tribal prints have featured in many fashionable interior design spreads over the last couple of years, and the bold, geometric patterns – in sandy colour palettes – show no signs of disappearing in 2014. To recreate this look, you can start off small by incorporating some of these exotic prints in throws, pillows and other soft furnishings. Or, if you’re looking for a design scheme that’s ‘a little way off the beaten track,’ then you could always try a vibrant tribal print on a feature wall, like this tribal fabric wall print designed by James Toi for JW Walls (pictured below).

Trompe l’oeil

“Trompe l’oeil” means to ‘trick the eye’ and refers to works of art which create the illusion of a different and unexpected surface.

Trompe l’oeil murals were a big part of the Moooi collection at this year’s Salone del Mobile exhibition for Milan Design Week. These dramatically lit scenes featured the latest in sleek furniture innovations, but the most show-stopping aspect of their ‘Unexpected Welcome’ exhibit were the large-scale photographic images of churches and masterworks, juxtaposed against a homely living room backdrop.

With JW Walls you can recreate the Moooi exhibit with ease, by either choosing a Masterwork from our Scala or Tate Modern collections,  or alternatively, opting for a trompe l’oeil wall covering, like the one pictured below, which looks like the inside of a cathedral.

Oriental Blush

Decorators have been going crazy for Chinoiserie style this year, in all of its exquisite detail and colourful beauty. You can create this look in your home by picking out one of these Chinese cherry blossom wall murals, which would look stunning as a feature wall in a bedroom or living room. To prevent this look from becoming too ‘busy’, pay special attention to your space’s Feng Shui and ensure you keep the rest of the look minimal, to balance the room’s ‘chi’ and prevent it from looking too cluttered.

Tropical Foliage

Tropical leaves and botanical prints started to make an appearance at many of last year’s design shows and the look is still fresh this time around, so bring the outside in by introducing some fresh, green shades into your interiors.

Some potted plants dotted around in a casual formation by a window, for instance, is a good place to start. But JW Walls have a stunning range of photographic wall murals featuring a wide range of plant life, so browse the collection and turn over a new leaf in your design scheme today.

If you have any more current trends and ideas for how you at home can create the look, then please leave a comment below.