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Create your unique wall design

At JW Walls the only limit to our customised walls is your imagination. Whether you are a designer with a vision for a focus wall in your home to display your masterpiece, or you want a massive family portrait, it’s all possible!  Here are some tips to get the best results.

  1. Start by choosing an image that will suit your wall proportions, is it a portrait or landscape shaped wall or square?
  2. Will the image suit your space? If you have a small room and a dark image it could make the room appear smaller, it’s good to have some bleed around the focal points of your image or design and a lighter image in a small space.
  3. Ensure your design is of sufficient quality to print in a large format. View our file size guide for advice.

The beauty of JW Walls is that we have taken extensive measures to show a variety of spaces to preview your wall and get a feel for whether it will work for your living or work space.

Take this super cute pic of little Lily we’ve uploaded which you can see in our Live and Sleep room previews.

 Feeling inspired? Why not upload your own image or design and try out our room preview functions for yourself?  Create your wall now.