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Guirado Art – Sanctum Soho Hotel

Trend Report: Geometric Designs

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are all over the catwalks this year and interior design is taking up the trend too. To add interest to your room, choose soft furnishings with geometric designs and rugs that make a statement with abstract shapes in bright hues.

Geometric wallpaper used as a feature wall brings this trend to life in your living space whether matched with minimal styling or contrasting patterns it will get people talking!

This pattern, Lemonade Geo is a beautiful, bright and colourful way to bring the trend into your home.

Lemonade Geo


More muted tones of Lido Mix are used in this bedroom to great effect

Lidu Mix

Home trends – Feature Walls

Feature walls are right on trend for interiors.  A simple but high impact means of changing a room feature walls look great whether it’s simply a contrasting colour, a patterned wallpaper to complement your decor or adding drama with a classic work of Art.

The idea of feature walls is to stand out but  you still need to consider how it ties with the theme of the home or space.  Ensure the design works with elements of colour or decorating motifs in soft furnishings for a co-ordinated look.

The opportunities for feature walls are endless from textures to complement the architecture of your building and replicate brick, metal or wooden textures like this room using Metal Plate  If you think wooden, metallic or brickwork textures may suit your space, view our Textures collection for inspiration.

Metallic Texture Wall

Make your wall a canvas with a work of Art like this room which features The Siege and Release of Gibraltar by John Singleton Copley from our TATE collection of wall designs.  If you want to feature famous artwork whether classic or modern view our collection from TATE for inspiration.

Death of Major Peirson by John Singleton Copely from the TATE Collection

It is important not to overwhelm the space with your choice of feature wall, ensure the rest of the decoration in the space complements rather than competes with the design.  A really great example of a high impact yet perfectly co-ordinated feature wall is this example using Redheads.

Redheads feature wall

For more feature wall ideas view our portfolio or why not join the conversation by following @johnwalliswalls on twitter!