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Canvas Print Pencil Ends



We do not just print on wallpaper, this is a canvas print we produced for a customer for christmas 2015, this is something different and you could take this with you anywhere so is a good idea, the image came of our website but you can always have an image of your own.

JW Walls School Murals

We recently printed  2 murals for a school in Gloucester, these were printed on the JW Easystick and they have turned out amazing, the customer provided the images  and we think they are fantastic and fit within the school.

We can print pretty much anything provided the file is the right, are you looking for an idea or have an idea then get in contact with us we have designers that can create your art for you and work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want.


Rehashing 2012 and What Our Customers Gave Us

Sitting comfortably in the office right next to the radiator and browsing through images forwarded by our lovely customers along with some feedback we’re rendered speechless. For the short period of time we’ve been working (will be 1 year this April) we’ve come a long way. What we’ve learned so far has been just the tip of the iceberg and we’re confidently working our way down to improve what needs to be improved, to find different ways of providing 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and to offer collections and opportunities tailored to you.

We also have a big surprise coming up soon that will be a game changer and will see us growing stronger and stronger. We’re all really excited and promise you’ll be the first to know when it’s all been finalised!

Until then we’d like to share what we’ve seen and learnt over the past few months. We started small with just a few carefully selected collections to add a few more as we went along. What makes us unique is the variety and quality if designs on the website and the personal touch our artists leave on the site. Our newest additions to our collaborators list are Yoni Alter, Karen Perry, Damian Smith and Sky Nash.

Colossal by Damian Smith

Colossal by Damian Smith

Little Monkeys Playhouse by Karen Perry

Little Monkeys Playhouse by Karen Perry

Colossal NYC by Yoni Alter

Colossal NYC by Yoni Alter

Pizza by Sky Nash

Pizza by Sky Nash

We’re eager to continue expanding our contributors list so if you are an artist or you know someone artistic don’t hesitate to showcase your talent by sending us your designs and details on the following e-mail and we’ll be in touch:

This is not all though. We’ve printed so many murals but there are some that just stick out and we’ve taken the liberty (as well as asked for permission) to spread them out and inspire others as well.

The lovely Philippa Bennett commemorated the Paralympic Games with a stunning shot of the arena that she took herself. She then decorated her son’s room with the special mural and shared the experience with us. We’re thrilled to see how creative our customers are and how they use our products as artistic displays rather than just an easy-come-easy-go wallpaper that tears quickly and fades in just a few days.

2012 Paralympic Games

2012 Paralympic Games courtesy from Philippa Bennett

We’ve also had the pleasure of printing murals for FEAST Magazine and for the lovely Jen Standbrook who wrote a really flattering review accompanied by an installation tutorial video. If you didn’t believe us before how easy it was to install our products and how stunning they are then Jen will surely convince you.

For all those that missed Jen’s article just follow the link here:

Kate Bush for FEAST Magazine

Kate Bush for FEAST Magazine

Coloured Circles

Coloured Circles for LoveChicLiving

And just when you think you’ve seen it all here is a creative LED light show with our Rusty Autumn design. Now, now who wouldn’t want one of these?

Rusty Autumn with LED Lights

Rusty Autumn with LED Lights

If there is anything else you’d like to see on our website don’t hesitate to get in touch until then we’ll carry on doing what we do best – grow!

Proud to present designs from Sky Nash

JW Walls have been expanding their family of designers and are proud to introduce our latest memeber Sky Nash.

Drawing inspiration from day-to-day activities, Sky creates designs that are unique to themselves. She would, herself, categorise them in two groups –  colorful and fun designs that will grab you straight away and  dark and odd patterns like the one bellow.

This creative design is called ‘Unusual Bottles‘ and would look great on a feature wall.

Unusual Bottles

The design here is called ‘Rocket Men‘ and is ideal for children’s bedroom

Rocket Men

 View the full collection of wall design from Sky Nash

Boticelli’s Birth of Venus

This week’s featured piece is Boticelli’s masterpiece, The Birth of Venus.

Botticelli’s Birth of Venus is one of the most treasured artworks of the Renaissance. In it the goddess Venus (known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology) emerges from the sea on a shell depicting the myth of her birth. Her shell is pushed to the shore  by winds from the lovingly entwined gods Zephyrus and Aura and pink flowers float down around her. As Venus is about to step onto the shore, a nymph reaches out to cover her with a cloak.

The Birth of Venus

Venus is illustrated as a beautiful and chaste goddess and symbol of the coming spring. Her depiction as a nude is significant in itself, given that during this time in Renaissance history almost all artwork was of a Christian theme, and nude women were hardly ever portrayed.

Many aspects of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus are in motion. For example, the leaves of the trees in the background, ringlets of hair being blown by the Zephyrs, the roses floating behind her, the white tipped waves, and the cloaks of the figures blown by the breeze.

The pose of Botticelli’s Venus is reminiscent of the Venus de Medici, a marble sculpture and gem inscription from Classical antiquity in the Medici collection which Botticelli had opportunity to study.

The original painting by Sandro Boticelli (1445-1510) is held in Uffizi Gallery in Florence.  The Birth of Venus wall mural features in our Scala Archives Collection of fine art images.

View more from Scala or create a Boticelli  masterpiece in your own home.


Featured Painting: I am the Abyss and I am Light

When choosing a design for your wall,  you want to know what it’s all about!  You’ll see it every day and visitors to your home will no doubt ask you what it means.  So, we’re choosing one of the designs from the TATE collection in turn to discuss the significance behind the painting.

Firstly, Charles Sims’ masterpiece ‘I am the Abyss and I am Light’ created in 1928.

This painting is one of his mystical paintings, painted in the latter years of his life and a departure from his usual works which were predominantly society portraits.

The group of six semi-abstract paintings with figures was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1928, shortly after Sims’s death by suicide, and was called by his son his ‘spiritual’ series.

The meaning of this work suggests the absolute power of God over all creation and over the destiny of the universe and may be taken from the biblical verse ‘I am Alpha and Omega’ from Revelations 1:8.

Harold Speed, a painter and close friend of Sims described the painting: ‘There upon canvas was his poor tortured spirit laid bare.’

As seen in Period Homes and Interiors Magazine

We have been featured in the Period Homes and Interiors August issue where they have included this portrait from the TATE Collection.  If you want to create a period feature wall in your home our range of traditional Art wallpapers in the Tate Collection and the Scala Archives will suit you perfectly.  Simply select your masterpiece, enter your wall dimensions and create your wall!

Shop the Tate Collection

Shop the Scala Archives Collection

Period Homes and Interiors Magazine

Proud to present designs from the TATE

JW Walls are very proud to announce their new collaboration with the Tate and unveil our amazing new collection of wall designs.  Check out our Tate wallpapers, we honestly believe they will revolutionise your space.

From classical battle scenes and portraits to stunning abstract Art the TATE collection at JW Walls means you can bring a work of art into your own home in a striking and affordable way.

Death of Major Peirson by John Singleton Copely from the TATE Collection

Create drama in your drawing room with The Death of Major Peirson by John Singleton Copley 1738-1815

Ju Jitzu by David Bomberg from the TATE Collection

Transform a bright, minimalist space with the striking Ju Jitsu by David Bomberg

View the full collection of wall designs from TATE 

Highlights from the Jelly Collection

 Jelly is a collective of illustrators, hand-picked from the best creative talent from around the globe.  We love their work and are delighted to present their range of wall mural designs exclusively for JW Walls.  Here are some highlights from the Jelly Collection.

Hipster Attack by David M. Buisan

Hipster Attack by David M. Buisan

David’s hand drawn and comic style illustration has got him acclaimed recognition and hence a large client base in the UK and also his native Spain. His style is influenced by comic books, sci-fi and fantasy films and novels; pulp TV series and urban life.

This design was recently featured at the Jelly Graminator Launch Party at the Studio 66 offices coming alive on the agency’s formerly bare white walls.  This illustration is ideal as a talking point in an office open plan space.

Rule Britannia by Caroline Tomlinson

Rule Britannia by Caroline Tomlinson

Caroline studied at Central Saint Martins and since graduating has worked as both a designer and illustrator. Her illustrations have been selected to appear in the D&AD annual, Eye Magazine and in 2007 she won Silver from The AOI..  View more by Caroline Tomlinson

The vintage feel to this illustration lends itself to an industrial or bricked warehouse space.  With JW Walls choice of designs and hard wearing materials even the most unfinished bare wall can be transformed to a work of art.

Sugar and Spice by Jo Bird

Sugar and Spice by Jo Bird

Jo Bird studied Illustration at Kingston University and she loves lines… Taking a line for a stroll across a nice white piece of paper, then making that line edgy and slightly wonky makes her happy…whatever the design she’s just happiest drawing.  View more from Jo Bird

This cute, soft and girlie design is ideal to add warmth, colour and interest to your little princess’ bedroom